Update On My 2013 Goals!

by AB@AspiringBlogger.com

On January 15th I outlined 7 goals for 2013. Since then I’ve updated you on a couple of the goals (mostly the ones that were going well), but I haven’t sat down to give you a comprehensive review of my 2013 goals – almost 5 months through the year. For each of my goals I’ll tell you the status along with what I’m doing/not doing to complete it by the end of the year. Well, here we are – let’s get down to business!

Blog Goals

Successfully Complete the Yakezie Challenge

Status – In Progress

I’ve done a couple of mini updates around this, but this goal is definitely in progress. Unfortunately, I only have until July 15th to complete this goal, so time is running out! If you want more information on the Yakezie challenge, you can take a look here. My original Alexa rank was 1,365,737. I’m happy to announce that as of 10:39pm Central on 5/23/2013 my rank is down (lower is better – like golf) to 692,795!! That’s almost 1/2 of where I started a few months ago. It’s definitely a great improvement – but my goal is to bring this number below 200k – so I still have a lot of work to do, as it becomes exponentially harder as the numbers go down. I haven’t been doing as much networking with other members of the Yakezie community (both challengers and members) as I should, but I hope to remedy that soon.

Alexa Ranking Aspiring Blogger

Get Finance Is Easy Running

Status – Not Started

I honestly haven’t done a THING on this since writing my goal post… which is really crappy, I know! I have decided to outsource most of the work on this site, as I discussed in my post about outsourcing, but I haven’t made any progress yet. I need to do some additional work mapping out what I want this to look like when it’s done so that I can explain that to someone to complete it/run it for me. I don’t want to turn over a half-baked idea because then I’ll spend all of my time cleaning up after my laziness! I still think this goal is on track for 2013, but it may happen later this summer vs earlier.

New Site Launch

Status – Not Started

This message should read exactly the same as the last one – as it’s in exactly the same stage of formation. I’ll start working on financeiseasy.com first, and then move on to this new site once I get comfortable with the resources I’m using.

Financial Goals

Reach $250k Net Worth

Status – In Progress

As of the end of April, we had a net worth of $223,657, so we’re well on our way to reaching this goal! Of course, as we’re about to buy a house, Mrs AB is about to quit her job, and we face other uncertainties – $250k could prove out of reach – but I still think it can be done! My wife and I are resourceful people and we’ll figure out a way to get there.

Average $5k Net Income Each Month

Status – In Progress

As of our April income and expense report, we have averaged $6619.25/month through the first 4 months of the year. Of course, that includes the $10k gift we received and the almost $4k we had to pay in taxes, but even with all the changes, we’re running ahead of the $5k/month goal. Just like the net worth goal above, this one will get more difficult as we have less income, a new house to pay for and furnish, and other expenses that I’m sure will come up along the way. I’m still confident that we will achieve this goal, but it will mean being careful with our money. We had been thinking about a week long beach vacation in August, but we’ve decided to cancel those plans and save the money. Every little bit helps, so hopefully this will help us achieve our goal!

Find a Home For Our Cash Stockpile

Status – In Progress (complete in less than a week!!! 🙂 )

Well, we are taking this goal literally, and spending most of our cash stockpile on a new house! We close next Wednesday and are eagerly anticipating moving in. We are putting approximately $100k down on the house, plus we’ll spend several thousand in new appliances, furniture, necessities (tv, speakers, other things I deem necessary 😉 ), etc. So after next week, we can definitely cross this goal off the list and mark it complete! In the future, any excess cash will be funneled toward paying off the remaining mortgage early, so we shouldn’t be faced with this “issue” of having too much cash for a little while.

Personal Goal

Lose 30 Pounds

Status – Unknown???

Well, I did a stupid thing here. I know that when creating goals, you have to make them measurable (along with other things, according to the SMART principle). I definitely didn’t do this here, as I have NO IDEA what my starting weight was! In all honesty, I’m probably up 5 pounds or so since writing this – definitely not good! I have a goal in mind though, and I’m nowhere near it – so this goal can stay not started/in progress for a while. I need to get back into the eating better/exercising routine – which I’ve been out of for a LONG time. I need some help from Jon on this one I think!

Wrap up

Well, there you have it – not awesome, but not a complete failure – so I’ll give myself a C- for now. But I definitely think things are on the upswing! I want to thank everyone for stopping by, for reading, for commenting (especially for the comments! I read and try to respond to every one of them), and for sharing with your family and friends! While I do enjoy the writing and sharing I do here, it’s awesome to be slogging through a rough day at work and see that someone has left an encouraging and/or thought provoking comment on one of my posts. So to all of my readers – keep it up – you’re doing a great job!

I’ll be back in a couple of months to wrap up the Yakezie goal along with some (hopefully) better updates on my goals that haven’t been started yet. Until then, thanks for stopping by, and please let me know in the comments how your 2013 goals are going. Have you met all your goals? Failed at any? Let me know, and of course – if I can help with any, I’d be glad to!


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Martin May 24, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Nice write up. I was surprised you run other websites. I am sticking with only one, which keeps me quite busy. Although I own many domains related to investing and dividends I still just keep them. Not sure if I would ever turn them into a running website. Although I was thinking about it.


Aspiring Blogger May 27, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Thanks Martin! To be honest, I don’t really “run” other websites right now – I just own the domains like you! I wish I could be disciplined enough to spend time turning them into real sites like some people, but I’m not there yet. How many sites do you own? I’ve been up to 10-12 at times, but now I’m down to around 5.


Martin May 27, 2013 at 11:09 pm

I just have one website. I used to have three, but I was unable to maintain them all. So sticking with one.


AB@AspiringBlogger.com May 30, 2013 at 10:38 pm

Yeah – even one can be overwhelming, so I think that outsourcing some of the work will be the only way for me to grow beyond one – unless this becomes my full time job!


Martin May 30, 2013 at 11:11 pm

Agree. If I ever move my blog to a level where I can live off of it, and have it a full time job, the I would go back to work on those three sites again.


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