I have neglected you – I’m sorry. When I began this site several years ago I wanted to share my journey to financial independence, location independence, and contentment. At that time I was married with a job as a consultant that took me out of town 4+ days a week. Now I’m divorced and recently unemployed – so…yeah. I guess you could say things haven’t worked out exactly to plan! I will say that I am undeterred in my goals.

Becoming financially independent is one of my top priorities and I am working towards that even while unemployed. I’m looking for a new job that will hopefully let me balance work with a little more life and contentment, while also allowing me to save and invest for the future. Location independence is a topic I struggle with, since for the most part, consulting is pretty location independent – as long as I live in the US and near a major airport. The problem is, I haven’t setup my life to be location independent. Since my divorce I settled down and bought a nice house near downtown Dallas –  so instead of being able to travel and live where I want – I’m “tied” back to Dallas…whoops? Don’t get me wrong, I love the area, but I think if I’m serious about becoming location independent I need to make a plan to eventually sell this house, reduce the number of possessions I own (I have so much crap) and work out how I can live in various places around the US while still working, and then see how to expand that to the rest of the world. I know that was a crazy-long sentence, but it fits the state of my brain right now.

I have several other projects in the works right now and I haven’t decided what direction to take on this site. It was my baby for a long time and I hate to see it like this (just withering away), so we will see. Until next time!

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