Running Out of Steam


I am tired…

…both mentally and physically. Work has really picked up the pace recently so I’m back to working 50+ hour weeks and trying to play catchup on the weekends. I’m traveling sporadically which plays havoc with everything else in life it seems. For instance – tomorrow I’m going out of town but just for the day. I have a 6am flight out of town and I’m taking a 6pm flight back home. Once I get back I’ll have to put together a lot of data that I collected on my trip along with a report… and of course the typical things I had planned to get done on Wednesday!

On top of work, things have been busy with extracurricular activities – volunteer work (I spent 12 hours on Saturday judging a middle / high school creative problem solving tournament), trying to see friends, and planning our trip to Europe. As if that weren’t enough, Mrs AB and I have the house hunt going on which is taking time and effort that I am really lacking these days. Oh yeah, and I’m trying to put out new and interesting content twice a week on this site along with implementing my other plans to really kick things up a few notches in 2013.

When Will It Slow Down?

I’m really looking forward to one or more of these things slowing down in the next few weeks/months because I’ve definitely been burning the candle at both ends. I’m routinely staying up late to finish writing and getting 5 hours (6 if I’m lucky) of sleep which makes me a miserable person to hang around the next day or two! I understand that life in general runs in cycles, and everything that is going on will run its course, but I can’t wait for things to relax just a bit so I can take it easy.

Do any of you have suggestions for finding peace and tranquility in the middle of chaos? I feel like I need to just disconnect from everything and everyone for a couple of days (I’ve already been doing that with Facebook – I have barely looked at it in over a week – i just haven’t had the time) and recharge…but I don’t have an extra couple of days lying around unfortunately! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

AB (sorry for the length and content of this post – but sometimes you just need to admit defeat and get some sleep!)

On a different note – Don’t forget – 2/27 at 5pm Central is the deadline to submit your posts for the first issue of the “Aspiring Blogger – Personal Finance Carnival”. I already have 10 submissions (WOW!!!) for this first edition, but if you have a post you would like to submit – please use the link so I can include it. Thanks in advance for making this such a success!

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