Net Worth Update – September 2012


Net Worth Update September 2012 Aspiring BloggerWhile my August Net Worth Report hopefully provided some interesting reading, it didn’t give you much data to compare against. Now that September is over we can compare September to August and see how my wife and I did. As I’ve said before, my goal for you is to motivate you to start tracking your net worth and get some sense of how important it is! While your net worth could be much higher, or a lot lower than ours, it’s just important that you keep track of it and work to increase it. With all that said, here’s September.


Cash +$300 – I figured out how to use an ATM (it only took me three failed attempts!)and took $300 out, which we haven’t really touched. I have been able to cut down on the cash I spend on taxis, so hopefully this cash will last a while before getting more.

Cash Savings +$2,437 – Part of this increase is because we emptied the Taxable Investment account, so that explains a large chunk of the increase. The rest of it represents the normal increase as we don’t spend everything we make – which is very nice! During October I expect to move $2,500 back into the Taxable Investments account (peer-to-peer lending) so there will be some additional movement in the coming months.

Emergency Fund +$14 – Our expenses are around $3 – $3.5k a month, so this $20k represents around a 6 month emergency fund. Both my wife and I are employed and so if just one of us lost our jobs this emergency fund would last a lot longer than 6 months. The only change this month is the interest we earned….yay .08%!!!

Taxable Investments -$929 – As I mentioned above, we emptied this account during September and moved the money into Cash Savings. The only money that was in here was $1,000 that I started with a Sharebuilder account that I was playing around with… yeah, I think it was definitely time to close that sucker down. During October we should be moving $2,500 back into this account if we can figure out a way around the LendingClub issue.

Roth IRA +$1,520 – This represents $866.66 that we put in during September, and the rest was the stock market being kind to us – sweet! Of course, as we’re so freakin’ far away from being able to touch this money, it doesn’t really matter what it does. Personally, I like it when the stock market goes down, because that way we get to buy more mutual funds with our money. It will only be a problem when we get close to 59.5 years old and have full access to the money – which is a LONG way off!

401(k) +$1,256 – Not much to say about this one, just some nice market returns for the most part along with a little bit of money put in on my side. I should be getting a statement for my wife’s retirement account soon, so hopefully I’ll have that information to add to October’s numbers.

Auto Value -$222 – Every month, this category goes down, and that’s just how it is. Although, this month went down less than normal… probably because I put even less miles on my car than I normally do. It still stings to see that our cars represent almost 1/8 of our net worth… but I’m not sure we’re going to change that right now, so I guess I’ll just live with it!


Credit Card -$2,445 – It’s amazing how much lower our credit cards are this month – when we don’t have a new computer, plane tickets, or car insurance to pay for!!! Even with a few random/unexpected purchases this month, our credit card bill was still pretty tame, which is definitely something I enjoy.


September was one of the best months this year in the Aspiring Blogger household. While we didn’t have an extra paycheck like last month, we were able to reduce our spending and had a great month worth of stock market gains. Overall our net worth increased by a little over 4% during September, which may not sound like much – but when that 4% is equal to $6,820 – I’ll take it! With the holidays just around the corner, it will be tough to keep up this momentum, but I’m confident that we can continue to increase our net worth by significant chunks if we stay focused and get a little help from the market!

How did your net worth do during September? Did you run into any roadblocks? Let me know!



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