Net Worth Update – February 2013


Net Worth February 2013 Aspiring BloggerIt feels like I just wrote January’s net worth update. I know February is a short month, but Mrs AB and I are so busy that it just FLEW by! We had some very positive developments during February and were able to push our net worth substantially over the $200k mark! While there’s a lot of time left and a lot can still happen (especially with the house variable) before the end of the year, we are definitely well on our way toward cracking the $250k barrier this year! You’ve waited long enough, read on for the details!


Cash+$0 – I honestly haven’t looked in our safe recently, so I need to verify that we still have somewhere around $500 in here. I’ll update next month with a more accurate/current count.

Cash Savings+$14,368 – We definitely knocked it out of the park in terms of cash accumulation for February. You can read all the details behind this $14k plus increase in cash in my February Income and Expense Update, but the bottom line on this item is that my wife is awesome!

Emergency Fund – +$13 – Even with the short month the interest rolled in on this account. I’m now up to over $100 in interest on my emergency fund… which is less than half of a percent. Oh well, it all counts, right???

Taxable Investments+$0 – Still in a holding pattern based on the house hunt. Once we find a house and get that piece settled we’ll get this kicked off. I still keep it here showing $0 to remind me and prod me though!

Roth IRA+$977 – This is way down from last month and mostly represents money that we put in. Oh well, we’re a LONG time from needing to use this money, and the cheaper I can buy mutual funds at, the better off we’ll be in the long run.

401(k)+$970 – Again, the increase is much lower than January’s, but it will work. We haven’t really changed our contribution here other than Mrs AB is now contributing based on her increased salary.

Auto Value-$181 – Down, down, down. This is why it’s a good idea to limit the amount you spend cars (or any decreasing asset) to a small part of your net worth. With our income we could easily afford to drive new $30k+ cars (as many of my peers do), but then the depreciation number would be 5-10 times higher each month… just for the privilege of driving a cooler car. No thanks, I’ll keep my money and become financially independent much quicker!


Credit Card+$784 – With six months of car insurance paid along with some higher gas expenses for the month, I think this number looks pretty good.


We had an excellent month of income (mostly extra income) during February, and we were able to save the majority of it and increase our net worth substantially! With a pending home purchase on the horizon I will have to make some decisions on how to track our net worth. When we previously owned a house I included the home (purchase price) as an asset and the mortgage as a liability. With the houses we are considering it may not be as easy. We are planning on buying something then doing a substantial amount of renovation to bring it up to our standards/desires. With this renovation comes a lot of cost. Maybe when the time comes I’ll figure out a good way to value it, but expect some fluctuations in our net worth while we work it out!

How was your February? Were you able to increase your net worth significantly? Let me know in the comments!


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