Net Worth – August 2012 Update


As promised, here is my August 2012 net worth for you to take a look at. While the dollar amounts may look completely different, hopefully looking at my net worth will give you something to compare to as you work on yours. As this is the first month’s that I am publishing, the “Change” column is blank. Next month that will be filled in so you can see how I did compared to this month, so hopefully it will be a lot more informative. Enough talk, let’s get down to it!


Cash – I normally have around $500 or so around the house, but I’ve been taking a lot of taxis to and from the airport recently, and so I’ve been spending a lot of cash this way. I get reimbursed for the cabs, but until I get more from an ATM (and figure out how to use one) this number will be low.

Cash Savings – Since we sold our house in March we’ve had a sizable and increasing chunk of cash sitting in our ING Direct account. We plan on continuing to add to this pile of money and eventually use the bulk of it for one of three things:

  1. Buy a new house
  2. Buy/invest in a business
  3. Invest in some other income-producing asset (rental property, partnership, p2p lending, a combination of these, etc)

Emergency Fund – Our expenses are around $3.5k a month, so this $20k represents around a 6 month emergency fund. Both my wife and I are employed and so if just one of us lost our jobs this emergency fund would last a lot longer than 6 months. Of course, if we had a different type of emergency, $20k should be enough to get us through it.

Taxable Investments – This number is pretty low and currently just represents a Sharebuilder account that I was playing around with. I started with $1000, so that tells you how good I am at picking individual stocks. In the next couple of months I plan to invest approximately $2500 with a peer-to-peer lending site like or so this will jump up soon. I will be detailing my selection and investment performance here, so stay tuned!

Roth IRA – My wife and I each have a Roth IRA that we max out each year. Nothing fancy here, we just add to it each month and hopefully the value goes up faster than we can put money into it.

401(k) – This is a combination of an old 401(k) that I rolled over into an IRA and a 401(k) that I have with my current job. Maybe I should have a separate category for the IRA, but all I really care about is pre-tax and post-tax, so that’s why I have them grouped this way. Missing from this category is the value of my wife’s 403(b) (she’s a state employee so she has a 403(b), which is similar to a 401(k)) and another plan that she’s currently investing in through work. I believe we will get quarterly statements for these, so I will get these numbers and update them quarterly…I hope.

Auto Value – My wife and I each have a late model car. We bought them both used in the last couple of years and they both have under 60k miles on them. The values here are 90% of Edmunds “Private Party”, which I think is a pretty good number to use. This is probably the most depressing asset category as the numbers here almost always go down – thanks a lot depreciation. It keeps making me want to get rid of my four year old car and pick up a beater so the depreciation will stop… if only I could convince my wife!!!


Credit Card: This number is WAY higher than normal for us. Last month was pretty expensive, as our semi-annual car insurance was due, I bought a new MacBook Air (which is amazing, I’m not sure how I lived without this sucker!), and we bought two plane tickets. Of course, these expenses were budgeted, but it still stings when you see the statements so much higher than normal. We actually canceled one of our credit cards that we almost never use to save the $50 annual membership fee during August, so now we’re down to two. As we pay off our credit cards each month, the only real reason we have them is for the rewards (travel points) and warranty extender (AMEX).


Overall, August was a great month in the Aspiring Blogger household. I know you don’t have anything to compare it to, but our net worth increased by right around $5k, even with the increased expenses. I think that the next couple of months should bring even greater increases as we don’t have any large expenses coming up. The main piece that we don’t have control over is the value of our retirement accounts, so we just keep shoveling money into them and hope they go up in value – sounds like a solid strategy to me! 🙂

So, how was your August? Did your net worth increase as much as you were hoping for? Let me know!


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