Income and Expense Report – May 2013


Income and Expenses May 2013 Aspiring BloggerI’d suggest reading all the way through this post before making any conclusions on how the month went! Having said that, WOW, what a huge negative number at the bottom… I think it’s time for me to start increasing my income a lot more to cover some of this deficit. I’m sure I could have left the house purchase part out of the expense number, but then it wouldn’t have felt genuine. What do you think? Read on for the details!


Job 1+$0 – Same old paycheck here. It can get a little boring, but as long as it keeps getting direct deposited into the savings account – I’m not going to complain (too) loudly!

Job 2+$0 – Just a couple of months left with two full incomes, so it’s nice to see Mrs AB’s income stay the same.

Interest-$45 – Wow, this was a HUGE drop in interest income, and this doesn’t even represent a full month! Of course, I expected it since we took almost $100k and used it to buy a house. Until we either have the house paid off or interest rates shoot way back up – don’t expect interest income to ever get as high as it used to be.

Extra Income -$59 – Here it is, the last of Mrs AB’s teaching and coaching money. We’ve been enjoying this extra money, so I’m not sure how it’s going to feel when we go down to just our regular incomes – I guess it will help prepare us for the coming drop to a single income!


Rent – (just the rent) -$713 – Here it is, the last rent payment, at least for now. This is ½ of our normal rent, so it’s just for the first 15 days of June. We purchased our house at the end of May, so we’ve had some overlap to help us move a little slower. I’ll probably change this to “Mortgage” or some other house-related category in the near future.

Home – (Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water, Internet, Home Furnishings, Insurance) -$193 – Other than not having to pay renter’s insurance again, we had some bill paying issues this month. First, our gas company charged us $256 by mistake, then reversed it, then got confused, then didn’t charge us, etc. Next, our electric company canceled our recurring payment because we setup a new service for the new house, so that will show up on June’s report.

Car – (Insurance, Maintenance) -$6 – Because we bundled our new homeowners insurance with our auto, we received a credit on our auto bill. That’s all that’s in this category this month!

Gas – (gas & tolls) +$405 – We were on vacation and didn’t do much driving in April, and things quickly reversed in May. Expense reimbursement takes a couple of weeks to catch up, but over the long run it will even itself out. With the new house I expect this category to be higher for at least the next couple of months while Mrs AB and I have a longer commute than normal.

Groceries – (Anything we spend at Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club/Kroger/etc) +$495 – Holy crap, this is a huge increase! Well, first – a lot of last month’s grocery money was in the vacation budget, so that explains some of it. The other big piece is that we’re moving, so we started buying “essentials”… like a Costco membership J.

Eating Out – (pretty self explanatory) +$94 – We were out and about a lot this month (including a trip to Florida, Austin, and runs back and forth to the house), so we ended up eating out a lot. No big deal, but we just need to watch it.

Personal – (Dry Cleaning, Haircuts, Clothing, Medical, Vet, Other Pet Expenses) +$303 – We went outlet mall shopping in two states…so we ended up buying a LOT of clothes. Oh, and we spent money on a trip to the groomers for one of our dogs after she got FLEAS while we were out of town!!!!

Vacation – (any Vacation spending) +$904 – Last month I estimated that we still had about $1k or a little less from our England trip to account for, and we ended up at $850, so that was a pretty good guestimate. We also spent a couple of nights in a hotel for a family event in Austin. We have decided against a beach vacation later this year, so we should be able to stay close to our vacation budget for the year…assuming nothing too exciting comes up later in the year!

Misc – (Allowance, Gifts, Entertainment, Other) +$88,564 – WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Well, we bought a house!!! This actually represents most of the down payment along with some other costs, which I will break down in a future post. Needless to say, it’s an expensive thing to do!


As you can see, there are lots of moving parts in this month’s report. I think the next couple will have a similar feel – which really reflects how things are going in the Aspiring Blogger household right now! Without the house purchase, our net income would have been around $4,400, so not a bad month all things considered. I expect June’s expenses to be pretty high due to all the additional home setup costs we are incurring (furniture, supplies, deposits, etc), but hopefully things should level off and start decreasing soon. I’m happy we bought the house though, as sipping coffee on the back porch is an awesome experience.

How did your May treat you? Do you have any big/HUGE purchases planned for 2013? Let me know in the comments!


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