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Aspiring Blogger June 2013 Net IncomeI can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year! This month was an EXPENSIVE month in the Aspiring Blogger household. With the move and everything related to that, the purchases piled up – unfortunately the income didn’t pile up as fast as it normally does. Read through and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’m happy to break anything down if requested!


Job 1-$29 – My company is a REAL stickler about reporting all income/gifts. So during June I received a gift card as part of my company’s wellness program – so they deducted the taxes from my paycheck – which is the $29 difference compared to last month. I haven’t mentioned it in detail (I will in an upcoming post), but I received a raise that is effective 7/1 – so hopefully my income will go up in the next report.

Job 2+$0 – Just as my income goes up, Mrs AB’s will go away. She gave her notice at work and so July will be her last full month at work…sad to see this income go – but oh well – onto bigger and better things!

Interest-$9 – Another drop – expected since we spent the majority of our cash on the house. I guess it’s time to start building this back up!

Extra Income -$795 – No more extra income… WAAAAHHHHHHH L . Very sad – but I’m sure we’ll figure out something to bring this category back in line!


Rent – (just the rent mortgage) +$788 – This category is very misleading right now. It says rent – but really it’s the mortgage. And in my head the “mortgage payment” includes taxes and insurance – but we are paying those separately. So this $1500 amount only represents the payment we made – which was some interest ($400ish) and a lot of principal ($1,100ish) – a lot more than required so we can pay it off sooner. I’ll figure out a new and better way to show this, but for now…just consider it rent – and look how close it is to previous months!!!

Home – (Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water, Internet, Home Furnishings, Insurance) +$164 – A lot of moving parts this month, but needless to say, moving from one house to another and dealing with double bills, deposits, and cancelation dates makes things expensive. I’ll need a couple of months before I can nail down a number here.

Car – (Insurance, Maintenance) +$28 – We renewed our Texas Drivers Licenses with our new addresses – that’s all that’s in this category for June!

Gas – (gas & tolls) +$203 – When you combine moving with the massive commuting (90 mile round trip for Mrs AB and 70 mile round trip for me) this number doesn’t actually look that bad. I’m due to finish my current project soon and Mrs AB will finish work, so this number should drop drastically in the next couple of months.

Groceries – (Anything we spend at Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club/Kroger/etc) +$2,641 – I have four words/phrases – Costco, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Home Depot – this is where the bulk of the money went. We bought a lot of startup supplies along with some improvements (patio fans, shades, etc). I’ll try and get to a breakdown soon – but yeah…lots of money was spent here and I blame 90% of it on the new house!

Eating Out – (pretty self explanatory) +$0 – Not sure how, but we spent almost the exact same as May. Weird – but there you have it! I guess we’re creatures of habit – despite all the craziness of moving!

Personal – (Dry Cleaning, Haircuts, Clothing, Medical, Vet, Other Pet Expenses) -$269 – We had a lot less clothing expenses this month. We were too busy with the move to worry about shopping! 🙂

Vacation – (any Vacation spending) -$1,163 – No vacations this month – just dreams of the next one.

Misc – (Allowance, Gifts, Entertainment, Other) -$93,726 – Well, we didn’t buy another house – so our misc category dropped a bit!


I’d like to say the worst is over – but we did a lot of work over the 4th of July weekend, so I know there are more expenses that will hit in July. Hopefully things should settle down after that and we’ll be able to enjoy our new house instead of just spending money on it!!!

How was your June? Did the first half of 2013 go as planned? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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Martin July 10, 2013 at 12:08 am

where did that 91k go? I bet you said that, but I forgot. Groceries is quite high, were you staffing freezers with food?

Reply July 10, 2013 at 12:24 am

Hey Martin – the 91k was the difference from last month. If you look back – the biggest piece was the down payment on our house! To answer your grocery question – it includes really household expenses – so big box stores (Costco, Sam’s) and home improvement (Home Depot, Lowe’s) are currently included. As I set this budget up while we were in a rental home – I’m seeing some difficulties reporting it this way! When we owned our previous house I had a separate line item for home maintenance/improvement – I’ll probably pull that out in the future. But good eyes! 🙂


Canadian Budget Binder July 10, 2013 at 12:19 am

WOW, that is the biggest grocery budget I’ve ever seen. How many people does that feed if you don’t mind me asking? What do you buy with that money?

Reply July 10, 2013 at 12:29 am

Hey CBB – There are 4 of us in the Aspiring Blogger household – 2 people and 2 dogs – is $3,500 a month a lot for 4??? 🙂
Seriously though – if you take a look at my response to Martin – you’ll see that it actually includes a lot of other stuff not directly related to groceries. We bought curtains, fans, decorative stuff, plywood, etc – and that’s all included in this category. On my actual budget spreadsheet I call it “household” – but I think it’s still probably time to break it down a bit. I think a major budget revision is due soon! Thanks for stopping by!


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