How to Move in 33 Easy Steps


It’s finally here – this weekend is moving weekend in the Aspiring Blogger household! In honor of this milestone, I thought I would share with you a 33 step moving checklist that I created. It’s definitely not meant to include every step you’ll need to take, but it should get you 95% of the way there! It’s only supposed to 89 degrees this weekend, so I think that’s a good sign!


These items are things you’ll use while actually moving. Some you’ll get ahead of time, while others will be used on moving day.

  1. Truck / Trailer Rental – Make sure you shop around for this, because prices can vary a LOT. If you’re just looking for a trailer, I’ve found that either U-Haul or Home Depot are pretty good. If you’re looking for a moving truck, then I can’t help – sorry!
  2. Movers – We hired a crew of movers to help us load/unload/wrap some of the larger stuff for our move into the rental – and it was a stressful experience for me. I was worried about them breaking our furniture, so this time we’re doing it our self.
  3. Friends / Family – If you’re going to move by yourself, make sure you have lots of family and friends lined up, or at least on standby if you need help.
  4. Boxes – We bought a bunch of moving boxes from Home Depot last time we moved and have just kept them in the garage. They’re pretty inexpensive and do the job as we’re moving less than 50 miles.
  5. Packing Supplies – Make sure you have enough tape, wrapping material (we use newspaper most of the time), and other packing supplies – it’s a pain in the rear when you run out!
  6. Labels – Make sure that one way or another you label all of your boxes so you at least know what room it goes in at the new place and a general description of what’s in it.
  7. Moving Dolly – We have 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled dollies ready for the heavier items. You may not end up using them, but it’s good to have just in case.
  8. Touch up Paint – If you’re responsible for the condition of the place you’re leaving, make sure you have some paint and a brush to go around and touch up any marks you make while moving and any other dings and dents you may find
  9. Cleaning Supplies – You may be tempted to pack these first, but don’t! Keep out your vacuum and other cleaning supplies so you can give your old place a good clean before you say goodbye.
  10. Utilities

    These should be turned on the first day you have responsibility for the property. For us, it was the day we closed on our new house. If you are signing a lease, make sure you setup the transfer date for that day, or as soon after as possible to avoid any interruption in service.

  11. Electric – In Texas, we have deregulated electricity in most areas, so I compared rates and found an electric company I was happy with. It’s actually the same one I use for our current rental house, so the transition will be easy.
  12. Gas – If your house has natural gas in addition to electricity, make sure you contact the gas company to have this switched on.
  13. Water/Sewer/Trash – Typically the city/municipality runs this, so contact your city’s public works department to find out how to get your water and trash service going.
  14. Internet/Cable – In the Aspiring Blogger household, we have been cable free for about 14 months now, so all we needed was internet. We are having our current internet company come out and just transfer our existing service to our new address this weekend.
  15. Homeowner’s / Renter’s Insurance – Make sure you have one of these policies in effect before you move! Even if you’re renting an apartment and they don’t require renter’s insurance, do yourself a favor and just spend the few dollars a month and get it. It’s worth every penny if there’s a break in, fire, or other emergency and your possessions are suddenly destroyed or missing.
  16. Change of Address

    Depending on the item, this can either be done prior to the move or right after. The only one we really did way ahead of time was the change of address with the post office – just to ensure that our mail started going to the new address.

  17. Post Office – You can go to and fill out a change of address form. They charge you $1, but it’s easier than going to the post office and dealing with those charming personalities! This will ensure that your mail gets forwarded to your new address without interruption.
  18. Bank Accounts – Most will let you go online to make the change
  19. Investment Accounts (Taxable, IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc)
  20. Credit Cards – When you make this change, make sure that any recurring payments are still valid for your new location, and also that they have the updated address linked so the payment will go through
  21. Employer – Make sure your employer has your current address information on file so they can ensure update their records for taxes (especially if you pay city/state taxes and your move has impacted this), correspondence, insurance, emergencies, etc
  22. IRS – to ensure that your tax information is updated, you need to report your new address to the IRS. Here’s what the IRS says about address changes.
  23. Magazines / Subscriptions – You can either write, call, email, or go online to change these – just check with each individual subscription.
  24. Automobile Registration – Your cars should be registered to your current address, so find your state/county/city’s information and update it with your new information
  25. Driver’s License – At least in Texas, you can change your address and have a new driver’s license sent out without having to spend hours at the DPS (Department of Public Safety). If not – plan a day trip to your local office to have this done.
  26. Auto Insurance – Your rates may change based on your new location and driving habits, but make sure you tell your insurance company about it.
  27. Voter Registration – Once again, in Texas this can be done online – so check in your area to see if you can do the same
  28. “We’ve Moved” Announcements – This can be a fun way to update your friends, family, co-workers, etc about your new address. Definitely not a “must do”, but you may want to get some printed up. This can be done pretty inexpensively at or many other internet sites.
  29. Find New

    If you’ve moved more than a few miles away, you’re going to need to establish a new life for yourself and your family. You will probably end up with a lot more than I’ve listed, but here are the first things to consider.

  30. Doctor
  31. Dentist
  32. Pharmacy
  33. Schools
  34. Car Maintenance & Repair (I really need an oil change)
  35. Grocery Store
  36. Church / Place of Worship

I hope you’re having more fun reading this than I am moving right now! When you move, do you use a checklist? Do you see anything I’m missing from this checklist? If so, let me know and I’ll try and add it to a future version. Thanks for stopping by!


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