Happy 4th of July!

by AB@AspiringBlogger.com

I know I’m posting this on the 5th of July – but I didn’t want to confuse anyone and change my normal posting schedule. This way, I get to tell you what I did with my 4th of July! As you know, Mrs AB and I recently bought a new house, so we’ve been spending a lot of time unpacking and making the house a home. To assist with that, my parents came to stay and we’ve been working on MANY projects – from a workbench in the garage to fans on our covered patio to curtains in the master bedroom to many other projects I won’t even begin to list here. I took this week off, but at this point I think I’d be much more refreshed if I’d just gone to the office instead!

Luckily, the 4th was a relaxing day where we only put up curtains in a couple of rooms and then spent the day at my in-laws house by the pool and on the patio with extended family. Tomorrow we’ll be back to work – I think it’s yard day tomorrow….oh what fun (not). πŸ™ We’ve been lucky that North Texas has been experiencing a “Cold Front” and temperatures have only hit the low to mid 90’s this week – at least ten to fifteen degrees lower than normal.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I was recently asked to do a guest post for my friend Jon’s website. It went live on Monday, so for today’s new content, I hope you’ll all take a few minutes to read my article over there and then hang around and read some of Jon’s other content. In case you’re wondering – yes – this is the same Jon that sent me a copy of START. (which I’m still at the beginning of….crap!). So enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend, and take some time to read my guest post and the rest of Jon’s great content!


Guest Post – Returning to School – the $141k Question

AB Around the Web

I have been lucky enough to have been featured on a couple of blogs in the last few days in addition to DadisLearning. I really appreciate the mentions everyone. Check out these great blogs below!

One last thing before I go – my Alexa has FINALLY gone below 600k!!! I don’t know how long it will last, but for me, it’s a significant milestone! I’ve been hovering between 600-700k for a LONG time, so to break into the 500’s is awesome for me! I’m still a long way from my goal, but I wanted to celebrate this milestone. Just a personal update – thanks for indulging! Pic below for proof πŸ™‚

Below 600k Alexa Aspiring Blogger

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Martin July 5, 2013 at 9:31 am

Happy 4th to you man. I can see the work around the house and I am never excited about it myself, so I am glad I do not have to do anything like that (at least in a near future).

Congrats on your Alexa rank break down below 600k.


AB@AspiringBlogger.com July 5, 2013 at 4:50 pm

Thanks Martin, I appreciate all of your encouragement and support! Looks like things are going well for you – your dividend income seems to be increasing nicely!

I’m not a huge fan of house work – especially not the yard work we did today….AHHH!!!
Thanks again for stopping by!


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