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As promised, here are my goals for 2013 (if you want, you can ignore the cheesy goal humor in the picture above)! I know you’ve all been holding your breath and waiting for these, so here they are. I’ve put down some blog goals, financial goals, and then a personal goal – just to keep me honest! Good luck to everyone this year, and thanks for stopping by.

Blog Goals

Successfully Complete the Yakezie Challenge

If you don’t know about the Yakezie Challenge, you can find all the details here. Yakezie is a personal finance blog network that was started by Sam from Financial Samurai and has grown into the most recognized PF blog network I know of. I am officially announcing today that I am joining the challenge and my current Alexa ranking (a way to keep score on the internet) is 1,365,737. My goal over the next 6 months will be to drop this down below 200k – so I’ve got a LOT of work to do. Joining the challenge will force me to spend more time networking and promoting other blogs – which I definitely don’t do enough of, and hopefully by the end of the 6 month challenge period I’ll be able to spell Yakezie!

Proud Member of Yakezie

Get Finance Is Easy Running

I’ve had this site, FinanceIsEasy for 3+ years and have never done much with it. 2013 will be the year of action on it – and I’ve already started. I am going to turn this into a personal finance – focused site about making finance more accessible to people who don’t know/care that much about personal finance. I plan to outsource most of the content development and have mainly guest bloggers write for this site, so we’ll see how managing that process goes. I don’t have any concrete goals for this, but I think I’ll be able to measure progress on whether or not I’m actually getting visitors to the site!

New Site Launch

The concept for a new site has been churning around in my head for many months now, but I haven’t put much/any effort into actually going out and getting it done. My plan at this point is to outsource the majority of this work, but I will probably start by hiring someone to manage some aspects of Finance is Easy, and if they are successful – transition them to working on this new site. I’ve done some initial searches on Elance and other places, and I think I can get started for a minimal budget. Of course, you typically get what you pay for – so it will be a slow ramp up!

Financial Goals

Reach $250k Net Worth

We finished 2012 with a net worth of $189k, so we’ll need an increase of $61k (give or take) in 2013 to accomplish this. It’s a sizeable goal, but I definitely think it’s doable. We ended 2011 with a net worth of approximately $130k, so we had an increase of $59k during 2012 – including taking a sizeable loss on the sale of our house.

Thinking about it, I could make this goal higher, but with all the changes Mrs Aspiring Blogger and I have in store for the year, I think this is reasonable. “What changes?” – you ask – well, Mrs Aspiring Blogger is hoping to go back to school full time in the fall to pick up her PhD, which will somewhat reduce our income for a few years. It’s a good move though, and definitely worth the initial investment!

Average $5k Net Income Each Month

Even with Mrs AB (hopefully) starting school in the fall, I think we should be able to earn enough and limit our expenses to be in a place where we can still have $5k left over each month. For each month we are successful, it represents almost two months of expenses that we can put in the bank – which goes a long way towards financial independence! I may be a little optimistic in this, but I definitely think it’s doable!

Find a Home For Our Cash Stockpile

I know, I know – I complain about this WAY more than I should – but it definitely bothers me that we have almost $100k (above and beyond our emergency fund) just sitting in a bank account earning almost nothing. At this point I think the most logical place for the money will either be a rental house or a house for us to live in. If Mrs AB is accepted into her program, we will need to move again (approximately 20 miles west) and we can probably buy a house with the cash we have saved. There are a lot of ifs and maybes between now and then, but it could turn into a good plan and drastically reduce our monthly expenses. Of course, buying a house (rental or to live in) will severely restrict our location independence ideas, but we’ll see how it plays out. I’ll keep you updated as things get moving!

Personal Goal

Lose 30 Pounds

I’ve been “hefty” for a LONG time, and 2013 is the year for me to get rid of it. A couple of years ago I lost 30 pounds, and then gained 10 of it back, so I’m still down 20 from my starting weight. Even so, I still have 30 to go before I will start to feel some contentment about my weight. I don’t want to make a huge deal about this, but I’ll keep you updated along the way.

Wrap up


I have some other “minor” goals that go along with the ones I’ve listed above – like do some guest posting and more carnival submissions, but through the main goals I’ve outlined, these should take care of themselves. Anyway, it’s really the results I’m looking for, so the actions will have to be adjusted to ensure that I exceed my goals! I’ll provide you with regular (quarterly maybe? We’ll see) updates on these goals and I’ll definitely let you all know if I need help reaching any of them!

Now that I’ve shared mine, what are your 2013 goals? Are you aspiring for more in 2013? Make this year the year you take action and achieve your goals – and let everyone know about them in the comments below!



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Jon M January 16, 2013 at 10:38 am

Wow! Sounds like 2013 will be a great year. I will be following along to see how all of these various projects go. I believe that reading inspiring blogs like yours is what helps me be more creative and driven everyday. Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck!


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