Getting Into the Rhythm of Blogging – 3 Steps I'm Taking


As I committed to in my About Me page, I will be sharing the details of my successes as well as my struggles (just a fancy word for failures) on this site. One of the main reasons that I picked AspringBlogger as the domain name (other than it was available) was that it represented a work in progress. It lets you know that I’m not where I want to be yet, but that I’m working…aspiring… to get there. Some days/weeks/months are great, some aren’t so awesome.

Just to share with everyone, this week hasn’t been great at work. I’ve been finishing up on a long-term project and things have been hectic. Because of that, once I get done with work I’ve just been vegging out instead of working on material to share with all of you. If I want to achieve any of my goals – Financial Independence, Location Independence, and Contentment – then I need to do better.

3 Steps I’m Taking

  • Write content in advance – If I had a few posts waiting to go, it would just let me write without the stress of having to get it ready to go live in 6 hours (where I’m at right now). Of course, I’ve never been someone who gets work done early, so this is definitely going to take a lot of work on my part.
  • Submit posts to blog carnivals – The only way people will discover what I’m writing is if I get the word out. Blog carnivals can be an excellent way to connect with other bloggers and also with readers from other blogs who may be interested in reading my material.
  • Comment, comment, comment – I read a LOT of blogs. I mean, my RSS reader is FULL of articles and I struggle to keep up. On top of that, I rarely comment on the articles that I read. I need to be much more active so I can connect with other bloggers and hopefully find more readers.

I have started and stopped on multiple blogs/websites/etc in the past – all for different reasons. But the main part is that I just didn’t produce the content consistently. I have a lot to say here, I just need to get much better about getting the thoughts out of my head and onto your screen. I will do better – I hope you’ll be around to see it!


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