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Well, here we are at last – my first post. I know you’ve all been waiting to see what I’ll write about for my first post. Well, the wait is over – and here it is. With this first post, I just want to give you some information about me, why I’m here, and where I want to take this site (and hopefully you along with it). If you have already read the About Me page, then you’ve cheated and spoiled the surprise, as it’s mostly the same information.

First things first, I created this site to serve as a place to share my journey as I battle to achieve my goals and live the life I have always dreamed about. Don’t get me wrong, my life now is awesome – I just know it can be even better!! I am blogging anonymously so that I can be brutally honest about my finances, struggles, and achievements as I work towards my goals.

Here are my current aspirations:

  • Financial Independence – I have spent a lot of time working at jobs I don’t enjoy. I want to have the resources to work when I want and how I want. This doesn’t mean that I want to make millions and sit on the beach drinking umbrella drinks. It just means that I aspire to have the financial means/freedom to support myself, my wife, our two dogs, and our future children by doing something that I enjoy. My goal is to earn enough income from other sources that I am not reliant on my day job and I’m free to pursue my dreams. My biggest dream is to work for myself – though I’m still trying to figure out if that’s through something online or a traditional small business.
  • Location Independence – I currently work as a consultant and spend four days each week away from home. My aspirations include being able to work and live wherever my wife and I choose and not be tied down by having to commute to an office (unless I choose to) or another state each week. This aspiration goes hand in hand with financial independence, as it will be hard to achieve location independence without first becoming financially independent unless I find a job that lets me work remotely 100% of the time.
  • Contentment – I’m pretty sure that if I achieve my first two aspirations then I will be pretty content, but I want to put it in here anyway. Notice that I didn’t use the word happiness or satisfaction – both of these are synonyms for contentment, but neither would fit what I’m trying to say here. My aspirations are more professional in nature and I feel that when I achieve them or am at least heading in the right direction that I will feel some sense of happiness and satisfaction. The contentment aspect means that I aspire to be more content, both professionally and personally. I want to take more time to enjoy life as it happens, and not just keep focusing on the next step. While it’s hard to put into words, contentment is going to be big for me.

As a reader, what can you expect? Well, I plan to blog mainly about life, finances (heavy on the finances), and entrepreneurship. I will be open and honest with you as I share the details behind my income, expenses, net worth, investments, business ventures, career, etc. I advocate living on a lot less than you earn, saving and investing for the future, and being smart with your money.

That’s all for the first post, thanks for visiting and please come back soon!


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