Finishing My Taxes… The Hard Way!


2012 TurboTax Deluxe Price Increase Email

After initially finding out that Mrs Aspiring Blogger and I were on the hook for over $5k in taxes for 2012, I took a little break from finalizing my taxes (as you canprobably understand). I was still waiting on one statement and we also had the house hunt kicking into gear, so I put our taxes on the back burner for a while. Knowing that taxes are due April 15th, I fully intended on returning to them and finishing sometime in early April so I could delay paying the $5k+++ for as long as possible. Of course, that was until I received the above email from TurboTax a few days ago. Being the frugal person I am, I decided I needed to get my taxes done ASAP to avoid whatever vague threat TurboTax was hinting at. The good news is that I had completed 80% of our tax return previously, so all I had to do was update the missing information and be on my way. If only it were that simple!


Entering the last of my information was no problem, but when I went through the different screens to check that I hadn’t missed anything I kept finding these weird questions that I was unsure about the answer. I did some research and figured them out, but it should have been easier. Also, Mrs AB earns some 1099 income from her athletic coaching, so getting that all straightened out was no fun. Especially when it came time to divide up our income based on which states we had earned income in. As I travel to multiple states each year, I have to pay taxes in each of those states, and they require me to tell them what percentage of my income was earned while in that state – so it can get complicated pretty fast!

It Could Be Worse

On the plus side, once I had finished entering in everything, our total federal taxes due dropped from the initial $5,091 to a still crappy, but definitely nicer $3,988!! As you can see below, once I receive my other refunds, I’ll end up paying $3,579. As I’ve said before – not a fun exercise, but I guess it could be worse!

Taxes Owed TurboTax 2012

Another Issue

Of course, as I’m finalizing everything and trying to pay and be done with it – I run into more issues:

Ref 11305 TurboTax Deluxe Payment Down Issue

Excellent…NOT! So I attempt to pay several more times over the next 45 minutes or so – with no luck. I do some searches on Google, and don’t find any reference to this mysterious Ref 11305 issue. Finally, after 10 minutes of searching, I find the contact page and start the dialogue for a chat with a representative. I am then informed that I am number 178 in line and I have an 83 minute wait ahead of me!!!

Wait time to talk to a TurboTax Chat Representative

As I was ready to be done with my 2012 taxes, I decided to wait. I had other things to work on while I was waiting, so I went about my business while watching my position in the queue go down…very slowly! When I reached number 3 in the queue, I decided to give the payment piece one more chance. Of course, this is the time it chose to work perfectly. I was annoyed and relieved at the same time – more relieved than anything else, as I wasn’t looking forward to working through my issues with tech support.

Final Thoughts

Once I had paid, the rest of the process was pretty easy. I was even able to pick a date to pay my outstanding balance – so I picked a date in early April. That way I know it will get to the IRS in time, but I’ll have the money in my account longer – win win…ish? Overall, using TurboTax was a decent experience – as it is every year, but I am getting frustrated with the mindless questions and technical issues. I can definitely see why people pay for an accountant to do their taxes – it’s definitely worth it to avoid the hassle! Hopefully I’ll have a business justification for this soon, and I can just have them do my personal taxes while they’re at it – so maybe that will motivate me to work harder at all this online stuff!!!

This should serve as a your reminder – US Federal Taxes are due April 15th, 2013 – don’t be late, or there will be penalties! Even if you can’t pay by the deadline, you still need to file. Find out more information here.

Have you filed your 2012 taxes yet? Did you get a larger refund than you were expecting? Did you owe more than you thought (whoops!)? Let me know in the comments!


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