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big pile of fail

I published my first post on on September 4th, 2012. In that time I’ve posted 46 articles – 43 written by me, 2 normal guest posts, and 1 written by Mrs Aspiring Blogger. As someone who majored in finance in large part so I wouldn’t have to write essays anymore, this is a pretty significant achievement for me. To say that I haven’t had the kind of traction I had hoped for would be an understatement. I have tried and failed with blogging and other online arenas before, but I knew this time would be different.

  • I have a story to tell
  • I’m going to be wildly transparent
  • This is interesting stuff

These are the things I told myself when I started Aspiring Blogger and during the last 5 months when I spent hours each week working on my next post. I convinced myself that all the hours and effort I spent would pay off in the long run. That once people found my blog they would keep coming back to see my amazing content. That all these visitors would reach out to me and ask for my advice. That they would support the site and I would earn a little money for my troubles .

The Truth Sucks

But…none of this is happening(Well, to be honest, I have earned approximately $.15 from Google AdSense – woohoo!). Most people don’t seem to care about the things I’m writing about and not many people are coming back for a second helping. A lot of signs are pointing towards just throwing in the towel and quitting this whole thing…


But that would be the easy thing to do, and I’m not taking the easy way out. I have so much to say (and I think at least some of it is really interesting) and damn it, I’m going to say it! I’m going to try and refocus the blog a bit to ensure that it’s making the points I want to make and fitting in with my aspirations. I think there will be some soul-searching coming up, but nothing too drastic! I hope you’ll stick around for the ride – and hey, maybe you’ll invite a friend to join us on the journey (that would definitely help out).

The Future

I’ve been doing of reading around the web, but a crappy job of commenting – so I need to step that up. I think about a lot of things I want to write about, but never put them into action – so I need to step that up. I wait until the last minute to write a lot of my posts, so I end up hammering out crappy content – I DEFINITELY need to step this up!

I hope that if you are reading this you won’t immediately write me off and never return. I am doing my best, but I have been working hard instead of smart. I will try to do a better job and increase the quality and interest level of what you read over the next few months, so I hope you will stick around! Thanks to my loyal readers, I look forward to laughing about this post at some point in the distant future!


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Money Soldiers February 6, 2013 at 6:49 am

Hi, AB. You hit the nail on the head when you said that you are working hard and not smart. I think it is very important for us, bloggers to work smart instead of hard. One just cannot write enough content all by himself especially if you do other things in your life such as for example, you have a day job. With the progress you have with AspiringBlogger, I don’t think that the main factor responsible is the content quality, I think it’s more because of lack of exposure. Write guest posts for established blogs and host your own blog carnival. Hosting your own blog carnival is more beneficial and less effort-intensive than submitting to blog carnivals. I don’t think commenting is a good way of increasing topic. It requires too much time and effort with so little results. I’ve discovered that there is a big demand for guest posts. You may want to take advantage of that. If done the correct way, you get benefits from it that might exceed your expectations. Even if you become very picky in choosing which articles to publish, you will still benefit with an increase in traffic. Blogging is really difficult. I struggle with building traffic, too.


Money Soldiers February 6, 2013 at 6:58 am

and also, AB it’s a numbers game. Increase your articles published to 100 and I’m sure there will be a significant improvement in your traffic. It’s just common sense, the more articles you have, the greater chance you will have of people clicking on your articles and landing on your blog.
I don’t see any tags for your articles? Do you not put tags on your articles? You may want to put tags in your articles, and in doing so, take advantage of the Google Keyword Tool. I always use that tool and I get very good results. Almost 90% of my traffic is from search engines and I think that is because of the tags I use. Also, you may want to use Google Authorship, that will also increase your click-through with SERPS.


Jon M February 6, 2013 at 9:14 am

Hang in there AB. You’ve hit the 6 month mark which apparently very few bloggers make it to. Your Alexa is improving every time I look at your page. Money Soldiers had some excellent tips! Definitely look at the smarter side of things…doing some guest posts and some networking. Most of the successful bloggers talk about just hanging in there until it all clicks which can take a year or two in some cases. I enjoy reading your posts!

Reply February 7, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Thanks guys for the tips and encouragement! I’m definitely going to hang in, it just gets frustrating at times!

Arnel – I think I’m using categories, not tags – is there a significant difference in how well each of these perform or get picked up? Hosting a regular carnival is definitely something on my list of things to do, I just need to plan it out.
Thanks again!! Glad you enjoy reading!


Benjamin James @ The Financial Reader February 21, 2013 at 12:04 am

I agree with the sentiments shared by others…. hang in there. I can relate, I have something to share and the passion to share it; but the audience is slow to come. The good thing is that we have passion about what we are doing, so if we keep at it and keep learning everything else will fall into place.

Best wishes and great blog!

Reply February 21, 2013 at 7:44 pm

Thanks Benjamin – I definitely have the passion – so I’m hanging in there!!


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