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Welcome to the 9th edition of the Aspiring Blogger – Personal Finance Carnival! Just like last time, we had a GREAT turnout –  both in quantity and in quality of articles – so I’m SUPER happy and excited about that! 32 posts this time – WOW!!! I just can’t describe the awesome turnaround in the last few weeks – It’s amazing, so thanks to everyone involved for sending over your articles. You are the ones making this happen!!

I’m working with a new blog submission site to change the process, as I’m currently spending a LOT more time manually reviewing and organizing things. Hopefully over the next couple of months we can get it worked out. All of the authors have put a lot of effort into writing their articles, so please  take a few minutes and click through to read each one that interests you. If you’re interested in participating in the next blog carnival, you can find out details here or submit your post here! Thanks for stopping by!


Blog Friends

Arnel Ariate @ Money Soldiers writes Money Saving Tips for Car Insurance – There are a number of money saving tricks and tips available to the canny driver to keep your insurance costs to a minimum.

John Schmoll @ Frugal Rules writes Taking the Plunge: 1 Year Quitiversary!!! – I have been officially running my own business for one year now. I have learned many things over the past year, but most importantly that being self-employed is not easy but is incredibly rewarding and that fear can be a powerful thing.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers And Your Baby Budget – Once you get the good news that you are expecting it’s time to start planning for the arrival of your baby and getting your baby budget in order. Making sure you have everything ready to go includes figuring out whether you want to use disposable or cloth diapers for your baby.


Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes Interested in Starting a Blog? – I’m learning along with you all, but instead of telling each one of you separately, I thought fully researching a post and being able to direct everyone to this post would be better. And then everyone can also read all of the comments below to get everyone’s opinions.

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes 4 Must Do Steps Prior To Starting Your Own Business – Will you finally start your blog?

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Becoming an Entrepreneurial Writer: Building a Media Kit – When you’re first starting out with your blog, website, or online magazine, a media kit may seem unnecessary. But as I mentioned last week, a media kit is a great way to have all the information about your website in one place. This makes everything someone would need to know about your website easily accessible to advertisers and other companies you may want to partner with for sponsorships or giveaways.

Budgeting and Frugality

Michael @ The Student Loan Sherpa writes Meet Colleen: Learn the Cost of 7.25% Interest and Putting Children First – Colleen is a social worker and a voice to children in need, but her student loans make financial stability a nearly impossible dream.

Grayson @ Debt RoundUp writes My Percentage Based Debt Payoff and Savings Rule – I am a big believer that you can save money while paying off debt. I believe this because I did it. Not only did I do it, but it also changed my money mentality. I used an allocation strategy similar to retirement investing.

Simon @ Chance with Finance writes Saving Money in Everyday Situations – The costs of goods are rising and there seems to be a salary freeze on most peoples income at the moment, so now is the time to save money in a few simple steps.

Marvin @ Brick By Brick Investing writes Forces – Saving Money – Sun Tzu’s Art of War principles on forces compared to your personal savings rate in order to display the importance of capital when it comes to investing.

Kevin Watts @ Graduating From Debt writes The Ultimate Guide to all 529 College Savings Plan by State – The following is the Ultimate guide to all 529 College Savings Plan by State


CF @ The Outlier Model writes What makes a great neighbourhood – Living in a great neighbourhood is important to us. Recently, a number of Vancouver neighbourhoods hosted ‘Car Free Day’ to celebrate local business and a sustainable way of living.

Financial Independence

Adam @ Money Rebound writes Building an Emergency Fund in 3 Easy Steps – Many personal finance experts tout emergency funds as the first step towards reaching true financial independence. Find out how to start building yours today.


Linley Farrell @ The Skilled Investor writes Do Morningstar Ratings predict risk-adjusted equity mutual fund performance? – Some individual investors use Morningstar Ratings as a shorthand selector of superior future mutual fund performance.

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes Investing for Beginners ~ In the Beginning – So many people have thought about venturing into the world of investing but they just don’t know where to start. Check out our beginners guide and you will be placing your first trade tomorrow.

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Dividend income is more stable than capital gains – Dividend income has remained more stable than capital gains. Since 1977, the dividend income for S&P 500 has experienced declines in only 4 out of 34 years. As a result, it is no surprise that the predictable nature of dividend payment amounts is appealing to investors in retirement.

Otto Ryker @ Bond Market Index Funds Blog writes Bond Index Fund Trading Efficiency – Fixed income mutual funds offer additional trading efficiency advantages to individual investors. The professional traders of bond mutual funds can conduct fixed income securities trading much more efficiently.

Chris Topher @ This That and The MBA writes The Best Financial Lesson I Ever Learned – Fast forward to the 90’s and the Internet boom. The Internet boom created a huge jump in the stock market. Millionaires were being made overnight. I became interested in the stock market in 1995 and bought my first mutual fund.

Jimmy @ Finance Romance writes The volatile stock markets sailing the choppy seas – With the FTSE and DOW Jones both rocking to and fro and a total change of around 9% in the last few weeks, I take a deeper look into this.

Thomas @ Finance Inspired writes How to invest in private companies – Heres a quick fire lesson in Angel Investing, what it is, how to go about it and more importantly how to profit from it.

SB @ One Cent at a Time writes Investment Options for Recent College Graduates With a Job – Let’s talk about something important for your future life, investment, for your retirement. If you are not a recent college graduate, that is OK, you must be knowing someone who just joined the work force after graduating. Pass on this information please.

Making Money

Gary @ Gajizmo writes Jobs That Require No Experience – Similar to the chicken and the egg paradox of which came first, getting a job without experience can be difficult, but you need to get a job in order to earn experience. This can be especially frustrating for new graduates or the recently unemployed looking to make a career change. Here are the best jobs that require no experience.

Holly @ Club Thrifty writes Why I Quit My Job: A Club Thrifty Confessional – You aren’t going to believe this, but I actually quit my job. It was stable. It paid well. I even enjoyed it most of the time. So, why quit? Here’s why…

John @ WILD about Finance writes How to get a cash injection – Getting a cash injection can sometimes seem impossible if you don’t know what the options are for you out there. Believe it or not, there is often a solution lying just around the corner which will help dig you out of that black hole.

Robert @ The College Investor writes How Much Money Do you Make? – That was the question that a complete stranger asked me this weekend. I was shocked. I stumbled over my words, mumbling something along the lines of “Enough to get by…” and politely changed the subject.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Building My Money Earning Sites – Niche Website Update Part 6 – Although the first of my money earning sites has not made it to Page 1 yet, I still have some tricks I will try to get my niche website to make some more money.

Jon Rhodes @ Affiliate Help writes A Powerful Trick To Get People Selling Affiliate Products For You – For Free! – Here’s a great technique to get other people selling affiliate products for you. Done right you can generate massive earnings with this.

Personal Finance

Jeremy @ My Financial Road writes How Much Does A Dog Cost – The true cost of dog ownership.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Simple Tuition Student Loan Consolidation Review – Simple Tuition provides helpful links to other lenders for students who are researching and shopping around for the best rates. They also provide a helpful glossary so that certain terms in loans are easily defined to make it easier for the student to navigate the world of loans and interest rates.

John @ Cough up the Dough writes Houses prices started on the rise again – With a few glimmers of recover on the horizon, no wonder optimism is growing in the housing market.

Thomas @ Mr Moneyvator writes Popularity is Growing for Prepaid Bank Cards – The rise of the prepaid bank card seems to be gathering momentum as more and more people have struggled through the recession and are coming out the other side with bad credit.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Why Whole Life Insurance is a Bad Investment – Whole life insurance is often sold to young people as an investment. Here I talk about the reasons why whole life is a bad investment and some of the better alternatives available to you.


That’s all for edition number 9. I hope you enjoyed – let me know in the comments what you thought or what your favorite article was. Just a couple more days now until Google Reader goes away – make sure you take a look at my review of the alternatives! Thanks for reading.

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