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Welcome to the 10th edition of the Aspiring Blogger – Personal Finance Carnival. I feel like I should have a big anniversary edition sign up for the 10th edition! I’ve got another great group of posts ready for you this week. I am blown away again by how many awesome submissions I’ve had. I have to give a big shout out to Don over at BloggerCarnivals for the excellent (and simple) new submission template he’s put together. I think the ease of use has made a huge difference in the number of submissions – not to mention the quality!

All of the authors have put a lot of effort into writing their articles, so please  take a few minutes and click through to read each one that interests you. If you’re interested in participating in the next blog carnival, you can find out details here or submit your post here! Thanks for stopping by!



Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Financial Independence may only exist once we get there – There’s no reason why a dream can’t become a reality but setting the stakes too high may result in retirement failure. You never know what the future holds but if you live in a dream world you may never reach financial independence.

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes $10,192 in June Extra Income – Side Hustles! – As you can see from the title of this post, June was a great month. I don’t know if July will be a repeat of this, but I’m hoping so. I have been adding more and more to my side hustles, and my lack of free time definitely shows for it. Good thing that I enjoy everything I do!

Money Soldiers @ Money Soldiers writes Use Vehicle Equity Loans Responsibly – If a vehicle equity loan is used in the right manner, it would actually help in boosting the borrower’s FICO score. Be smart and thoughtful before you go for a pink slip loan, such as a vehicle equity loan.


Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Becoming an Entrepreneurial Writer: vs – The number one confusing thing about WordPress that I see is that many people don’t understand that there is a difference between and Both can be great for different purposes. can be good for some things, especially if you’re unsure of your website and want to set something up temporarily and is also a good way to test settings out before committing to anything. In this post I’ll cover the main differences and why you would consider picking one


Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes Rewarding Students for Good Grades? – Growing up, children have very few responsibilities in life, make your bed, help with chores, be a nice person and do well in school. Given that doing well in school is really the only task throughout your day that requires any real effort, should we be rewarding our children for good grades? Something we expect from them anyway?

Adam @ Money Bulldog writes The Patent Shuffle ~ Make Money from Patents – : Find out how one company was able to sue Apple for around $8 million dollars due to patent infringement and also discover how you could one day do the same! Do You Have a Great Idea?

David Leonhardt @ The Happy Guy writes Why to NOT change insurance companies – One of the standard tenets of living frugally – almost like a secret handshake – is to always shop around, to always seek a better deal and to never be afraid to switch suppliers for a cheaper source. But sometimes loyalty pays. This report is from my most recent experience.

Nick @ A Young Pro writes How Much Money Should You Spend on a One Year Old’s Birthday Party – How much would YOU spend on your one year old’s birthday party. We recently went to a crazy party and I’m wondering why we feel the need to spend so much.

Grayson @ Debt RoundUp writes Why is Prepaid Such a Dirty Word? – After a friend thought that I was having financial difficulty because I was looking for a prepaid phone, I decided to look at why there is such a stigma surrounding the word “prepaid”. Why do you think “prepaid” is such a dirty word?


Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes How to Keep Positive While Unemployed – Sometimes the only way to further your career is to take a leap of faith, move across the country, and job hunt like crazy. Being unemployed while looking for a job is never easy, but there are a number of things you can do to stay positive until you land your dream job.

Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes Being an Engaged Parent – There is no job in the world that gives so much stress and so much reward at the same time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Trying to be the best parent I can isn’t always easy. In today’s world of fancy technology and constantly being surrounded by something it’s easy to lose focus.


Chris Topher @ This That and The MBA writes How To Start Preparing For Retirement In Your Twenties – Depending on if and when you went to University, you can probably expect to have a student loan, and the reality for many is that there is some unpaid debt on credit cards and loans.

MMD @ My Money Design writes How the Lower Taxes From a Long Term Capital Gain Can Work Into Your Early Retirement Plan – Now that I know a long term capital gain (much like dividend income) is taxed at a lower and more favorable rate than ordinary income, I can use this to further my early retirement plan.

Alice @ Hurricanes, Panties & Dollars writes The pterodactyl retirement plan – An interesting conversation, a plan to trap a pterodactyl and waking back up in the real world. Plus a fun, catchy video and perhaps a little talk about retirement.


MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes Taking Full Advantage of Your 401k Employer Match and Getting Free Money! – Not participating enough to get the full 401k employer match is like leaving money on the table. And why would you want to pass up FREE money?

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Grants For Disabled Students – Grants for students with a disability are possibly the most overlooked form of financial aid. These grants are specifically targeted to help students that have a disability overcome the already high cost of education. Many students are finding it difficult to be able to afford the increasing cost yet students who have a disability face an even tougher challenge.


John @ All Things Finance writes Will Mortgage Interest Rates Keep Rising and How Does It Affect Me? – Mortgage Rates Surge to 4.625%, Largest Weekly Increase in 50 Years! So What Caused This? What is the Impact of Rising Rates on Buyer Affordability?

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Why most dividend investors never succeed – Unfortunately, even if you identified the perfect dividend growth stock, you can still lose money. This is because identifying and selecting an amazing stock, with amazing prospects, and attractive valuation is just part of the formula for investment success. The next part is the psychological traps that could cause you to do silly things.

Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank writes The Best Penny Stocks I Have Owned – In this post I go through the best penny stocks that I have owned as well as the reasons for why I bought them.


Jason Hull @ Hull Financial Planning writes Sacred Cows Make Great Burgers – My amazing, mouth-watering, make the family beg for more hamburger recipe. Oh, and I also debunk a whole lot of personal finance myths.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Is Now the Right Time to Buy a House? – Housing prices and interest rates are up. For those of us hoping to purchase a home in the near future, this is a scary trend. Is it time to jump in and buy before it becomes unaffordable?

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Who Knew Buying a Mattress Could Be So Much Fun? – Buying a mattress can be a very expensive endeavor – if you allow it to be. If you do your homework, avoid the slick salespeople and are frugally minded you can find a mattress that your back will appreciate for years to come as well as save a little money along the way.

Kurt Fischer @ Money Counselor writes Considering Bankruptcy? – You may know that filing bankruptcy will crush your credit for about a decade. But if you’re considering bankruptcy, do you know that the timing of filing can make or break your plan for a fresh financial start?

Kevin Watts @ Graduating from Debt writes CU Student Loans Review – A very detailed look into one of the most popular credit unions for student borrowers


DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas writes How To Make Money On The Side In Five Easy Ways – Using the Internet has never been easier if you’d like to find out how to make money on the side and exceed your current standard of living.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes Various Ways of Earning Easy Extra Dollar without Exerting too much Effort – There are some sites that store your photos on their database and they pay you each time your photo is downloaded by someone on the Internet. This is the stock photography sites that always need different kinds of photos for their site. If you are a person who has a hobby of taking photos, or even a person with no interest in photography, you can use this method to make money online.

DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas writes A Great Residual Income Formula Using Blogs – If you’ve got a little bit of extra time on your hands, you can create a blog and use a simple residual income formula to make money from it.

Kimberly Raya @ Let Me Reach writes 5 Signs You’re A Born Entrepreneur | Let Me Reach – This article is for all those aspiring Entrepreneurs out there, just waiting for that virtual shove. Sometimes all it takes is recognizing the inner pilot light…


I hope you enjoyed our “anniversary” edition of the carnival! I’m very pleased at the direction the carnival has taken, and I hope you do to. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any suggestions. I’d love to hear from you! As always – thanks for reading!

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