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nicest hotel suite upgradeIt may not look like much – but this is the nicest hotel in town!

I am currently on a business trip, my first one in about four months. The one thing that I am always reminded of when I travel is all the fun upgrades that are just there waiting to be used. For example – when checking into my hotel I asked for an upgrade. After a little back and forth (and one smokey room later) I am now in much larger room that has 2 TV’s! Of course, I have barely turned on one of the TV’s, but it’s nice knowing I have the option.

I am a member of several hotel points programs, and due to my limited travel at the end of 2012 I failed to re-qualify for my elite status. A couple of days ago I emailed them up and nicely asked if they would reconsider granting me the elite status due to my history with them and my continued loyalty. I received a response yesterday and they will keep my elite status through March of 2014 – nice! Both of these stories show that there are lots of benefits available to you in life, but you have to ask for them. There are freebies, upgrades, deals, etc everywhere – but if you never ask, you will never experience them!

Too often I find myself staying silent when I’m in these types of situations, but honestly – what’s the worse thing that could happen – they could say no? Come on, what’s a little rejection?? I think it’s good for the soul! So the next time you’re checking into a hotel, getting a rental car, or about to order a pizza – why don’t you ask if you can get an upgrade? Or a free topping? Or something? I mean, what’s the worse thing that can happen?

What’s the best thing that you’ve ever received just by asking for it? Any good rejections stories??


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