8 Reasons I Love My MacBook Air

by AB@AspiringBlogger.com


I have a desktop computer that is perfectly usable. I have a laptop provided by work that is restricted in performance, but still gets the job done. My wife and I share a netbook that is only a couple of years old. In spite of all this, a couple of months ago (July 28th) I ordered a brand new 13″ MacBook Air (MBA). You may call me crazy, and I definitely would listen to your argument, but buying this computer is actually helping me to pursue my goals of financial independence, location independence, and contentment (especially this one). The cost was definitely high – about $1333 before you even get a case or the other goodies – but the benefits are worth it. Here are eight reasons I love my MacBook Air and why I believe it’s worth every penny I spent on it:

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  1. I am able to keep my MBA in full time work mode – This means that when I open the lid, 2 seconds later, it’s ready to get back to whatever I was working on. Whether that’s my latest blog post, research on peer-to-peer lending, or looking at businesses for sale. I have my desktop and my iPad for playing around, so as soon as I get my MBA out, my mind immediately switches into work mode, which helps save time and focuses me. As it’s a single purpose machine, I can keep everything open and ready to go at a moment’s notice – which I can’t do on my work laptop.
  2. It integrates with all my other Apple products – I have an iPad and an iPhone (waiting on my iPhone 5 to be delivered – could be another month…arg!) and so when I’m on the go and have an idea for a blog post, a business idea, or anything else, I can jot it down in the notes app and have it synched across all of my devices. I like to take pictures with my iPhone, and whenever I open iPhoto all of my iPhone pictures have automatically been synchronized – it’s a great feature.
  3. It gives me motivation – Knowing how much of our money we spent on this computer keeps me motivated to keep using it and do amazing things with it. I have consistently put out at least two posts a week since starting this blog, and I owe a lot of that to having the right tool – this computer.
  4. It provides me with contentment – Being content is one of my aspirations, and it’s a very tricky one for me to work on. When I’m in the zone – which for me is listening to some loud music and pumping out quality blog content – I feel content. This MBA is a big part of that as it gives me the right platform to work on and work with to achieve that contentment.
  5. It weighs almost nothing – Can you believe that I got to my fifth reason before mentioning how freakin’ light this thing is? That should tell you how awesome it is in all other aspects, but it really is as light as a feather. It weighs less than three pounds and you can practically take it anywhere. I love to work from Starbucks and I can just grab my MBA, my headphones, and head out without a second thought. That brings me to my next point.
  6. The battery lasts forever – You read that right – FOREVER. I might be exaggerating just a little, but sometimes it really feels like the battery in this sucker will never quit. My normal workstream has the following open:
    • Firefox – for blog posting/editing/etc
    • Safari – for research/news/stats
    • Email – for email
    • Spotify – for tunes (I just use the free version)
    • Messages – for messaging
    • Microsoft Word – For editing/formatting posts

    And that’s typically at a minimum. I’ll also have Excel, Notes, iPhoto, etc open at various times and after a 3-5 hour session at Starbucks I can easily have 50% juice left. Obviously, it depends on how bright my screen is, how much heavy lifting I’m having the MBA do, etc. But for going out and getting content written and posted, I can leave the power cord behind with this computer, which is awesome!

  7. Location Independence – If my job consisted solely of blog posting and other internet tasks – my MBA would let me work almost anywhere and it has enough power to do most tasks. If you’re constantly encoding videos and playing around with high end photo software, then no, this computer may not be for you, but this could mean location independence for 95% of the general population.
  8. Financial Independence – This one might be a little bit of a stretch, but hey, it’s my blog – so here we go! Buying this computer represents one of my first concrete steps towards financial independence. It took a lot of research, convincing (of myself and my wife), and agonizing, but it has definitely been the right move. Buying this computer has shown me that I can make things happen when I put my mind to them, and I thank my MacBook Air for that.

There you have it, the 8 reasons why I love my MacBook Air. I’m sure if you gave me enough time I could come up with a hundred, but I think it’s a good start. Do any of you have a computer or other “tool” that you love and think has helped propel your business forward? If so, let me know, I’d love to hear about it!



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