April 2013

Back From Vacation – Thinking of Early Retirement

As some of my regular commenters noticed – I’ve been slow to approve and respond to comments the last couple of weeks. I was on vacation for 10 days and made a conscious effort to unplug from the majority of my email, so I’m sorry if any of you felt neglected! After getting up at […]

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We’re Buying a House!

It’s been overcast every time we’ve gone to see the house – so I’ll get a better pic at some point…hopefully!!! Well, after multiple false starts and hopes dashed, we’ve finally found a house!!! As I talked about in my last update, we decided to increase our budget and search area to see if that would help […]

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Net Worth Update – March 2013

Even without a blockbuster income month like February, we still managed to increase our net worth by $9k. As more of our net worth is concentrated in our retirement accounts, these increases become less under our control and we end up gaining or losing depending on the strength or weakness of the market. The good […]

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Ups and Downs: The Challenges of Small Businesses

Note: This is a guest post, if you are interested on being featured on Aspiring Blogger, make sure you check out my guest posting page for details.   Starting a business is a major milestone in anyone’s life, up there with marriage or the birth of a first child. However, as with anyone who’s taken […]

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Income and Expense Report – March 2013

Well crap – after talking last month about how well things were going, it looks like I jinxed things and we definitely missed the boat as our expenses went way up and our income went way down – a BAD combination! Of course, last month was something of a “perfect storm” in terms of awesome […]

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Aspiring Blogger – Personal Finance Carnival #4 – April 12, 2013

Welcome to the April 12, 2013 edition of Aspiring Blogger – Personal Finance Carnival!  We definitely have an eclectic mix of articles today.  I hadn’t really thought about strawberries and frugality in the same sentence before – but read the article below and you could be surprised! The authors have put a lot of effort into writing their […]

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