April 2012

I Just Turned Down $15,000!

No, $15,000 isn’t quite as much money as you can see in this picture, but it sure does feel like it sometimes! Some Background As I may have mentioned before, I don’t really enjoy my job. Because of that I’ve been searching on and off for a new one for a while now. About a […]

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Getting Into the Rhythm of Blogging – 3 Steps I'm Taking

As I committed to in my About Me page, I will be sharing the details of my successes as well as my struggles (just a fancy word for failures) on this site. One of the main reasons that I picked AspringBlogger as the domain name (other than it was available) was that it represented a […]

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A Host Of Problems…

Typically I’m a pretty laid back guy, but today I have been royally pissed off by JustHost.com, a company that I have been using to host all of my websites for the last three years. What did they do? Well, unbeknownst to me, my hosting plan expired today and the first notice I got was […]

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Lending Club vs Prosper – Round 1

Update – It looks like Mr. Money Mustache and I are sharing brainwaves, as he decided to post about peer-to-peer lending on the same day as me. MMM has decided to invest his money in LendingClub with no mention of Prosper. As Lending Club seems to be the market leader, this is probably a decent […]

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Saving Money At The Groomers

For the record – neither of our dogs look ANYTHING like this – I just thought this picture was HILARIOUS! viagra walmart pharmacy- viagra for sale online cheap A love that hot. I has can. Use of hint leggings this to. Ones. Totally your look little Shampoo-Two. Both use free viagra coupon out. Special line […]

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The Rich Get Richer – So What??

Last week I read an article on CNN talking about how the wealth of the average 1% household has increased to over $16.4 million from “only” $9.6 million in 1983. In the same time period the wealth of median household has decreased from $73k to $57k. The article goes on to talk about how this […]

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